Arc of Memory



Other Names Memory Magic
Type Offense and Defense Type
User "Joshua"
Power Level "Medium"
Arc of Memory is a Offensive and Defensive Type, Arc Magic.


This magic is one of the three Arc Magics created by Greywing. In order to unlock the magic, one must have the contrust, or happened to be in the situation of Epiphany and Danger. By this, the user is able to Memorise his life in a glimpse of time, and by the power of the magic, the user can remember that time and subconciously enter it (though, his physical self cannot go). However, he cannot go back to the past or future of others, since the memory only he can remember is him/her-self.

Only by having the ability of Morphogenetic Resonance can activate in the next paragraph.

For unlocking the Advanced Morphogenetic Resonance with the Arc of Memory Magic, one can tap through another person, and can remember the person's memory and unleashes the power of alliteration. Though, in order for the Advance version to work, someone is willing and believing the user can help him/her, and vice versa for the user. By this, the user can communicate freely to the other without physical contact, and by the means of power of alliteration, the user can alter the past of the memory by doing any nessesary things to make the other's past change. However, this kind of altering the past should be really important, as the present may affect both past and future. In such cases, there will be a side affect of both using Arc of Time and Morphogenetic Resonance, that the user and the other will be united.