• Brandon G.A. Latzig

    Toby Alec

    April 29, 2014 by Brandon G.A. Latzig

    Name: Tobias Alec

    Age: 17 

    Gender: Male



    Race: Kitsune

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair colour: Black

    Clothing: Jacket, Hat, Cargo Shorts, Sword Sheathe

    Power Level: 13000


    Faction: Alec Family

    Fears (2 minimum): Losing Family, Dying.

    Worst Nightmare (1 minimum): Losing all of his family.

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  • Cutie Scooty


    April 25, 2014 by Cutie Scooty

    Hi I'm Scoot and I play Rara and Blus Star the nymphs here so is you want to make a nymph please tell meh so we can team up and bring the nymph to be the  race of this wiki (JK).

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