A group of twelve different beings, each being a representative to a different race, that work together to help improve the life on Kriosis, and make the major decisions in its government and laws. They are also the ones who founded the Kriosis Special Forces, a group that tend to the capture and justice of rouge beings.


To preserve the peace on Kriosis, and protect the Cradle of Eden from harms way.


1. Lucian Greywing - Human Representative and Captain of the Kriosis Special Forces (KSF)

2. Jaylean - Demon Representative and officer in Kriosis Special Forces (KSF)

3. Zeeriel - Angel Representative 

4. Dareon Farrow - Elf Representative and prince of Elves.  

5. Rara - Nymph Representative

6. ??? - Dryad Representative

7. ??? - Dwarf Representative

8. ??? - Merfolk Representative

9. ??? - Blanks Representative (Energy Being - take up forms in bodies made of special metal)

10. ??? - Kitsune Representative

11. ??? - Discordian Representative

12. ??? - Giant Representative