Age: Millenias.


An Old drawing of Siv.

Height: 5"8

Weight: Unspecified

Race: Crossbreed

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Pale white

Skin Colour: Pale white. 


Not much is known of this Crossbreed individual. Only myths and legends tell faint, and mostly false information about his history and past.

Near forgotten lore tells of a crossbreed of a dragon, of godly power had mated with a now deceased ultimate. This Crossbreed was "blessed" with dark blood from his grandparents, the race of his mother and the power of his father, who inherited his own fathers power, as well as his own, such inheritence reaches out to the original ancestors of the dragons and their power.

Another legend tells of The crossbreed being a Conqueror of many enemies of the dragons, and their kin. He butchered their enemies leaders, as well as claiming their souls, making weapons augmented with those souls as a permanent trophy; a mark of power and victory.

Millienias ago, his history faded into nothingness, disappearing from libraries, becoming a legend that only a few of the elderly remember; and even they remember it vaguely.

The legends also tell that the Crossbreed was raised by a long lost cousin of his father, raised in exile due to the digust of infinite levels that the dragons showed to some, not all, crossbreeds.