Dareon Farrow is the prince of all elves and is part of the order of the 12 council.

Dareon FarrowEdit


Dareon Farrow

Dareon Farrow is a big supporter of magic and uses magic and bows to create a perfect balance between physical and magical weapons. Dareon is straight.


Dareon Farrow grew up in the woodland realm and was raised to love all creatures in the forest. Dareon is the youngest in his family and is 17 years old. Dareon is very quiet and rarely speaks.


Dareon has a wide range of powers from old Elvan magic to using bows and swords. Dareon has the ability to talk to all creatures and know what they are saying. Dareon is very skilled at using bows and swords and is one of the best elves in the world at using them. Dareons magic is very strong and is mostly nature magic.

The Elvan GodEdit

Dareon has a secret power in which he invokes the power of all living things and becomes the elvan god. Dareon can only use this power once per year if Dareon uses it more then once there is a chance he will die. When in this form Dareon becomes one with all creatures and has unlimited power but Dareon can not stay in this form for more then 1 hour or his soul is slowly drained by the elements. Dareon can control all the elements in this form.

Dareon Elvan God mode

12 Council OrderEdit

Dareon was sent by his father the king of elves to be part of the council to represent elves.


Dareon's biggest fear and nightmare is being alone as the only elf left.