Halberd of Axe
Halberd of Axe
Other Names Halberds
Ace of Halberds
Type Offensive Type
User "Joshua"
Power Level "High (Depending how many forms the user has)"

Halberd of Axe is a Pure Offensive Type, Weapon Magic.


This magic overall affected by what the user's heart desires. By what the heart wants, a certain halberd can change a form, and to draw out the weapon, one must call upon their hearts and takes out the halberd, like a knife putting out from the heart. This may not be done in a simple desires of the heart, as to change the form, one must unlock the willingness of that desire.

There are unknown number of forms of the halberd, as there are many things a certain user's heart feels unto. However, overfeeling may result to total destruction, as one cannot control that weapon were the heart was transformed in a wild feeling.

Halberd of Axe comes from different weapons. It could be a Spear and a Axe combined, with Axe more taken over the shape, or simply Halberd and a Axe, that the Halberd is more appearing in the weapon. It come from different shape and sizes too, in whatever the user can carry.


Note: Even though this is categorised as a spell, they are in fact, a equipment too.