Malkin's skin is an unusual green color.

Name: Malkin

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: Below the average for an adult male.

Weight: Thin build, fairly skinny.

Race: Ozian, munchkin-winkie.

Eye color: Very dark brown, almost black.

Hair color: Black, faintly curly.

Clothing: Very simple clothes made from black linen, usually in the style of late medieval or early victorian clothing, although very little is remarkable about what he wears, if not for the fact that it is all black or dark gray.

Power level: 1000

Theme: Defying Gravity, Wicked.

Faction: None.

Fears: Succumbing to the darkness of his bloodline, water.

Worst Nightmare: Being melted.


Malkin is the estranged son of one of the most feared and hated women in all of Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West, a powerful sorceress with magic strong enough to terrorize the Wonderful Wizard himself. The story has more than one side, however.. Elphaba Thropp, the Witch herself, considered the lord of the Emerald City to be a tyrant and a despot, abusing the rights of the Ozians to further his own power.

Malkin has inherited her drive and her anger towards the Wizard, but he's much more hesitant about her deeds. The darkness of his family line, rendered visible by his green skin and sharpened teeth, is a constant reminder of the mistakes he could easily commit. He strives to balance both, succumbing neither to the light nor the darkness, and uses Ozian magic to help those he sees as deserving... and destroy those he sees as enemies.