Rara The Fire NymphEdit

  • Name: Rara
    Fire Nymph
  • Age: 25
  • Gender; Female
  • Height: ???
  • Weight: ???
  • Race:Nymph
  • Eye Color: white
  • Hair Color: Red and Orange
  • Clothes: Fire armor from the never world a armed skirt,chest piece, gloves, boots, and neck brase, and Her trusted fire scythe
  • Power Level: With her scythe her level is 15,000 but with out it her level is 10,000
  • Theme: [Theme Song] (it's the Fairy Tail Theme song but no words)
  • Faction: solo
  • Fears: 1. Falling in love and 2. losing her sister
  • Worst Nightmare: Her sister dying in front of her, and he can't save her


She lives in the Kingdom below with her sister and she allows has her weapon with her no matter what. She has red warrior outfit that has 7 pieces to it a Skirt, top,neck brace,boot, a sack (to carry stuff in of course), and Her weapon the scythe. She is able to bend fire to her will and she can't get hurt by it.Rara is a nymph princess of fire and her little sister is the nymph princess of water.

Fire Scythe


Rara was once a child that was sweet and kind and everyone know her as the flower girl no matter what people and demons loved her, but then the war came she village was cover by water only few survived let Rara and her sister, She watches as her people screamed and cried but she was to scared to help so Rara took her sister away and found a new home The Kingdom below. Rara raised her sister and her for 15 years alone protecting her and never forgetting what happened to her family...but she still doesn't know how her village got drowned.