• Name: Roxsan the hunter
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 5 foot 8
  • Weight: ???
  • Race: Human
  • Eye Color:
    Pink and Blue
  • Hair Color: little pink (pinned up)
  • Clothes: a school girl uniform and a football jacket
  • Power: 17,000
  • Theme: Roxsan's theme song (It's Blue Exorcist "In My World")
  • Faction: Solo
  • Fears:Boys
  • Worse Nightmare: being alone with boys


She doesn't talk to anyone but girls, She she hides her weapons all over her body. She has a gun, 2 swords, and a knife.


When Roxsan was little she had a crush on a boy but he was a player and now she is affraid of boys to hurt her and she will never be a great hunter.