Character CreationEdit

This is the character creation page, which if you could please base your character off of this guidline. So please do your best to make a character and have fun.

Though you may have it as an actual page, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please add on your profile page.

Also, if you had a character from Forgotton Ubiquity RP or any other RP wikia, you may also decide to use it here, under the terms you check the character basis, as well as have it approved by an admin.

Power LevelingEdit

Power level scale:

From minimum (100) to maximum (100,000)

(Beings shown are only approximations, they do not have to be exactly those to be part of them, within reason of course)

100 - Ordinary Being (Low Rank power level, little to no magic or special powers, little weaknesses required)

500 - in training Special Weapon user or developing mage (Upper Lower, little weaknesses required)

1000 - Developed Mage or Special Weapon User (Mid-rank power level, some weaknesses or restraints required)

5000 - High Tech weaponry and or special being/creature (Lower High Rank power level, few more weaknesses or restraints than previous level)

10,000 - Extremely Gifted Beings >>must get consent<<, Half Angels, Half Demons, or Extremely Powered High Tech Weapon user (Mid High Rank Power Level, many weaknesses or restraints required)

20,000 - Full fledged demon, angel, or other special beings (Upper High Rank Power level, extreme number of weaknesses or restraints required ----> Go past here and your character shall die)

100,000 Ultimates or deity (God mode, do not go here by any means)

Character BasisEdit

Name: Taiven  

Age: 17 

Gender: Female 



Race:Demon/Heck Hound 

Eye Colour: Main: Brown, Gold (When she is mixing emotions.), Red (Taking on Demon form). 

Hair colour: Brown 

Clothing: Black Coats, shirts, leather pants, and boots.

Power Level:Not rate-able

Theme: No theme. 

Faction: Solo 

Fears (2 minimum): Brainwashed, going to the point where she has to use all her elements for the equinox (Worst attack)

Worst Nightmare (1 minimum): Being Brainwashed every time she falls in love.



She was born in Spain, many centuries ago. She grew up in a poor family, but there was always enough to eat. Her father was a Scientist and her mother a Journalist. Both parents, very bright and intelligent, erected all their knowledge into their little girl.

Taiven also has a twin brother named Jayy. He is the complete opposite from her but they both share the same qualitites but because Jayy is very prideful and arrogant, his powers aren't as strong and developed.

Teenage years-